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Blend It v1.00.150 by BlaizEnterprises.com
from our Vintage Collection of Quality Windows Software 95-10

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Easily create a website background tile.  Paste in an image, adjust style and strength, and use the realtime WYSIWYG display for visual reference, then save.  Final image can be tiled horizontally and/or vertically.

FREE, fully functional, portable software program, with no installation or setup. Your existing computer libraries/files remain unchanged/unmodified.  We take pride in this respect function.

Freeware (no cost)

Free for personal and business use

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 95-10


Download Site

Homepage Page

Portal - Blaiz Enterprises

Style - tile image horizontally, vertically or both
Strength - low, medium and high join strength
Size - 0 to 400 pixel tile edge
Options - maintain, stabilise and soften
Preview - view tile image inside a web browser
Realtime WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) visual display for instant graphical feedback
Standard Image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP
Comes with sample images (stored internally on a virtual disk)
Built-in integrated help viewer
Options Window - Easily change program color, font and settings
Sleek, modern and ultra-lightweight GUI (graphical user interface)
Ultra-compact program size of ~1.2 Mb

How to make a tile from an image
Paste in the image you want to tile, or "Open > Select file from disk".  The image will display in Blend It.

Style - Set tiling style required:
Horizontal for left to right tiling
Vertically for top to bottom tiling
Both for horizontal and vertical tiling
The realtime WYSIWYG visual display will adjusts to show an example of what your tile image will look like in action.

Strength - Set join strength:
Low - a gentle linear join that often requires a larger join size
High - a fast, non-linear join requiring smaller join sizes
Medium - a combination of both low and high options
The visual display will reflect the strength setting in realtime.

Size - Set join size:
Range is 0 (off) to 400 (fully on). This is the space in pixels in which to apply the 'tile' join.  An image with similar shades and colors on all four sides can generally use a low size value.  Perhaps as little as 30 to 40 pixels.  However, with an image that has significant differences around it's four sides, the join size may need a much larger size, more in the 100 to 200 pixel range.

Shift the 'Size' slider till the visual display shows a smooth transition between the image's edges.

Maintain - Select this option to retain the original image size.  Important in some circumstances where a fixed size image is required.  But generally, a tile image can be any size.

Stabilise - Select this option to keep the pixels on the tile image centered

Soften - Select to gently blur the final image.  This helps to remove any  fine detail from the original image and help push the imagery back into the distance. Useful in circumstances when tiling a large or sensitive area for instance. Can also be used to smooth over any distortion in the original image or from the tile generation process itself (some options can lead to minor distortion).

Preview and Save:
Click the " Preview" link from the top toolbar.  Your default web browser will display with the tile image horizontally and vertically tiled over a 4,000w by 4,000h pixel area. A demonstration of the tile image in action.  Note the demonstration uses the PNG format for maximum quality retention.

If satisfied, click the " Save As" link from Blend It.  A 'Save Image' window will display.  Choose a quality image format.  We recommend PNG as it does not loose any quality and offers reasonable compression.  Type a name and click "Save".  Your tile image is saved to disk, ready for use.

How to open a sample image
Blend It comes complete with several sample images. These images are not written to disk, but are actually stored internally within the program and accessed via a virtual disk.

From the top toolbar click the "
Open" link. An 'Open Image' window will display.  Double click the disk drive named "Sample Images (!:)".  A list of sample image names will display. Select an image and click "Open".  The selected image will open and display in Blend It with current settings and options applied automatically.

A portable program is a self-contained program that stores it's files, settings and other data within the folder it is based, usually a folder of your choice, on a harddrive, USB penstick or memory card.

No library files or settings are installed outside the program folder, leaving your operating system unchanged, and unmodified. Optional links can be placed on your Start button and Desktop, for convenient start of program.

All settings and support files are stored in the sub-folder "Blaiz Enterprises" located directly alongside the program (EXE) file.

Start button and Desktop links
By default, Blend It does not place a link on your computer's Start button or Desktop. 

To place a link on your Start button:
Select "Options > Settings" and select "Start button link". Blend It is now on your Start button as "Blend It by BlaizEnterprises.com". Click this link to run Blend It.

To place a link on your Desktop:
Select "Options > Settings" and select "Desktop link". Blend It is now on your Desktop as "Blend It by BlaizEnterprises.com". Click this link to run Blend It.

To remove link from your Start button:
Select "Options > Settings" and deselect "Start button link". Blend It is now removed from your Start button.

To remove link from your Desktop:
Select "Options > Settings" and deselect "Desktop link". Blend It is now removed from your Desktop.

Show Splash on Start
On startup Blend It pauses momentarily to display an artistic splash screen. This feature can be turned off. To turn off, select "Options > Settings" and deselect "Show Splash" option.

Show Program Folder
Can't remember where you put Blend It? No need to worry.  From the top right of the window click the button and select " Show Program Folder". A Microsoft File Explorer folder window will display with the Blend It program (EXE) listed inside.

Drag and Drop
Blend It supports drag and drop for image formats PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. From within a Microsoft File Explorer window, select a compatible image (hold down left mouse button), then drag the image (while keeping left mouse button down, and move the mouse cursor into position) over Blend It's window. Release mouse button. Blend It opens the image and automatically applies current settings to it, ready for saving.

On Top
Want Blend It to sit above other programs? Select "Options > Settings" and select "On Top" option. Blend It now has priority and sits atop all other programs and windows. To turn this feature off, deselect "On Top".

Alternatively: Click the
button (top right of window) and select "On Top" option to toggle it on/off.

Remove Blend It
Blend It is 100% portable and does not install onto your computer, or alter or adjust the operation of your computer. Since there is no installation, there is no uninstall option. To remove Blend It from your computer / disk, the process must be done manually.

Important Note
Before you remove Blend It, ensure both the "Start button link" and "Desktop link" options under "Options > Settings" are both deselected.

Due to the complex nature of security protocols under modern day Microsoft Windows' operating system, if these links are not removed by the program that created them, e.g. Blend It, they may linger or persist.

From Blend It click the
button (top right of window) and select " Show Program Folder".  A folder will display with the Blend It program (EXE) listed within it. Typically Blend It will have the name "Blend It.exe". Right click the file and select delete option. If prompts appear, confirm your intention to delete.

Blend It is now removed from your computer / disk.

A shared folder "Blaiz Enterprises" is automatically created and maintained by Blend It during it's normal operation. This folder is responsible for holding settings, files and associated data for Blend It. It can also be used by other Blaiz Enterprises' programs located in the same folder, alongside the Blend It program (EXE). If there are no other programs (EXE) in the folder, it is safe to delete the "Blaiz Enterprises" folder. Right click the folder and select the delete option. If prompts appear, confirm your intention to delete.

Blend It's data is now removed from your computer / disk.

License Agreement
Company name and all software products contained on our websites are the intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks of Blaiz Enterprises.

All title, copyrights and intellectual property rights in and to the software product and content, and any copies thereof, are the property of Blaiz Enterprises.

Blaiz Enterprises grants to you the right to use the software product. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software product. Any alteration or attempt to alter the original software product will cause a fatal error to occur and the product to become dysfunctional.

Any use of the software product is at your own risk. Blaiz Enterprises disclaim all warranties and conditions, either expressed or implied. In no event shall Blaiz Enterprises be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business, profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the software product.

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